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InsureSmart Income Protection Insurance

Everyone has dreams, something that they want for themselves in the future. For the most part, these dreams rely on their income in order to be in a position to pursue them.

We all like to believe that we are "bullet proof" but in reality, unexpected circumstances like accidents, health problems, disability or trauma could occur to anyone at any time. No doubt you have been very wise and made the brilliant decision to take out Heath Insurance, but when you can't return to work, or are off work for an extended period, how will you pay your bills?


If you are able to continue to receive an
income that's great, but what if you can't?

Can you continue to survive for your family?

Can you pay the mortgage until you are able to return to work?

Could your savings support you?

Would your dreams become a reality without your income?


If your ability to earn an income is compromised, your lifestyle will suffer and you will be forced to make changes. It will probably become more difficult to meet your living costs when you are disabled than when you could work. While it is more than likely that you will return to work and be reasonably fit again, there could come a time when you don’t recover.

You can insure your income to cover such situations – think about what will happen to your life and your career while you are off work.


There are two types of cover available; Income Protection and Mortgage & Rent Cover.


But which one is the right cover for me?

Let the experts at InsureSmart work out which is the right cover for you.


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