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As we are living longer, it is only natural to expect that we need to consider our retirement and to make sure that we are able to live the type of retirement that we want to.

In July 2007, KiwiSaver was created to provide New Zealanders with the ability to save for their retirement and is arguably the greatest superannuation scheme in this country.

But many New Zealanders are not getting the most out of KiwiSaver.


If you have it:

Did you choose your scheme?

Do you know what type of fund you are in?

Is your KiwiSaver working towards providing for the future you want?


If you don't have it:

Are you aware of the benefits?

Do you know the added benefits?


At InsureSmart, we can help you whether you have KiwiSaver or not. We can give you advice to help you choose the right scheme and fund for you so you can get the most out of your investment.


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