Trauma Insurance

InsureSmart Trauma Insurance

Few people are ever fully prepared for the change in their life following a major sickness or injury. Serious illnesses, such as heart attacks, cancer or strokes, are far more common than you think and recovery costs can have a huge impact on yourself, your loved ones and even your business.

Nearly every week you hear about a relative, friend, neighbour or work colleague suffering from a heart attack, stroke, cancer or being diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

What if it was you?

What would happen to your life and the lives of your loved ones?


Great reasons to have trauma insurance


Financial Survival

Many patients survive an illness only to be crippled financially.


Medical Advancements

Advances in medical science increasingly mean many serious illnesses can now be treated successfully, prolonging your life.


Treatment Expenses

A lump sum can give you the funds you may need to explore alternative treatment options, without putting a severe strain on your finances.


Loss of Earnings

A lump sum can protect and assist your family and lifestyle, helping you to pay the mortgage and day-to-day living expenses while you are recovering.


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